Orders, payments, shipping and reselling.


Nestorgames' online shop accepts Paypal and credit card automatically. But nestorgames also accepts bank transfer and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. If you wish to use one of these methods or a different one please email me. They might be eligible for a discount.

VAT for european customers is included in the price of the games.


Nestorgames uses Paypal 'Buy Now' buttons. This doesn't mean you need a Paypal account to place an order. You can use your credit card or a bank transfer. Please notice that I don't want to know your credit card number and I don't have any access to it, as everything is managed by the Paypal shopping cart, outside the nestorgames' site. Due to frequent exchange rate fluctuations I have decided to attempt to protect myself from future changes by setting prices only in Euros. An approximate conversion to USD and JPY might be shown next to the price. Paypal currency conversion may differ a bit, but the result is quite accurate.

This procedure does not allow you to combine different games into a single purchase, but I will do my best to ship all them into the same parcel if you want, and I will include a goodie.


Worldwide shipping costs are included in all products, except for copies of games in the old format (email me for those). Notice that shipping costs are a bit expensive, but it's the only way to make sure that parcels from a small publisher actually reach destination during a worldwide pandemic. The price also includes the 5% Paypal fee.

All parcels are shipped with registered mail and tracking number. Please email me if you wish to know yours. It takes a few days to manufacture the games. Thank you for your patience. Shipments outside Europe may suffer some delays due to customs.


You can buy 4 or 16 copies of the same game at a reduced price. Email me here.

For special orders such as copies with custom colours or branding, or different games on the same parcel email me, too.